Jinying 365 Cross-border Platform User Agreement

You (refer to the user or member) are deemed to accept and agree on this agreement when you completed all registration procedures of Jinying 365 cross-border platform. Therefore, you are suggested to read all terms of this agreement before you complete the registration procedure and obtain an account. Please note, if you do not accept any provision of this agreement, please stop the registration immediately.

1. General

1.1 This Jinying 365 cross-border platform user agreement (”this agreement”) is engaged between you and Shanghai Guandian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. (“the Company” or “we”) on information, suggestions, services and other relevant matters when you register and use this platform. This agreement has legal effect both between you and the Company.

1.2 You agree that Jinying 365 cross-border platform has rights to modify this agreement or published regulations in accordance with the Company’s operational needs. These agreements and terms will effect immediately when announced. You should check the announcement initiatively or stop using the platform if you do not agree any terms. If you continue to use the cross-border platform, you are treated have accepted these modifications to agreement and terms.

1.3 Please read carefully and fully understand the terms of this agreement, in particular, the terms and conditions that exempt or limit the liability of the Company, the terms and conditions that govern your rights, the way in which disputes are settled, the jurisdiction and the law applicable.

1.4 The domain name of Jinying 365 cross-border platform: jinying365.cc.

2. Register and Use

2.1 User Qualification 2.1.1 When you complete registration process and obtain the account or when you start using this platform, it means you have fully understood, accepted and agreed to the entire contents of this agreement and have reached an agreement with us to become platform users. 2.1.2 You acknowledge that you should be a legal person or other organization with full civil rights and capacity when you complete the registration process and actually use the service. If you do not have eligibility above, please do not use the service, or you and your guardian should bear all consequences. We have rights to cancel (permanently freeze) your account and claim from you and your guardian. If you register on behalf of a company or other legal entity on our platform, you shall warrant that you have the right to represent the company or the legal entity to apply all terms of this agreement. 2.1.3 You understand and agree that you will need an account before use Cross-border Platform Services. You can create your own account. When you fill in the register information, including your name, e-mail address, contact phone number, contact address etc, after confirming these information and accept this agreement, you will obtain a platform account. It is also possible for you to obtain an account from the administrator account of your company. Both ways means you should have accepted this agreement.

3 Service Content

3.1 In view of an information sharing platform, all stores, product information on Jinying 365 cross-border platform including but not limited to store name, company name, contact and contact information, product description and description, related images etc. are provided and upload by users who bears legal responsibility of these information. The information posted on the platform haven’t been confirmed by Jinying 365.

3.2 The platform is a non-trading cross-border platform only provides product information. The platform will not involve in real transactions between users including placing orders, signing contracts and performing contracts.

3.3 When you post or upload a product, you must comply with the “Product Release Rules” (see “Product Release Rules”).

3.4 Due to the lag of the network and the change of market conditions, the price of products displayed on the platform are not exact transaction prices. It is for your reference only and deem on actual written contracts by both parties shall prevail.

4. Agreement Terminated

4.1 You have the right to terminate this agreement by any of the following ways: a) In accordance with this agreement or platform’s publicity to stop using the account; b) You stop using it and not accept the terms before change and / or modification take effect; c) You expressly declined to continue using the service and in accordance with our terms of termination. 4.2 We reserve the right to inform you to terminate this agreement if: a) In violation of relevant laws and regulations or this agreement including the amendment this agreement during you using our services; b) Your existence of fraud, misappropriation of others’ accounts, fraudulent possession of other people’s assets, disrupting market order, improper means for making profits, or any other acts that endanger trading safety or account security of others; c) Misuse of services such as interference or attempt to access through methods and interfaces other than those provided by our platform; d) Your registration information is not true or inaccurate or not timely or incomplete; e) Other situations that should be terminated. 4.3 You agree that we will continue to have the following rights after your termination of our agreement: 4.3.1 Continue to save your registration information and transaction information on our platform; 4.3.2 No need to retain or disclose any information in your account; 4.3.3 We can still claim you if you violated this agreement and / or rules during your use of our services. 4.4 The termination of this agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of both parties prior to the termination of this agreement.

5 Dispute Settlements

5.1 The conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, amendment, supplementation, termination, execution and dispute settlement of this agreement are governed by the laws of the PRC and Chinese courts.

5.2 Any disputes between you and Jinying 365 cross-platform platform could resolve by friendly negotiation. If failed to reach an agreement, either party could initiate legal proceedings to the court where Shanghai Guandian E-commerce Co., Ltd. registered.

5.3 Any term of this agreement shall be deemed as invalid, invalid or unenforceable, which shall be deemed as divisible and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms of this agreement.