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Cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifos Mixed Pesticide

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Product description

Product performance (use):
This product is organic phosphorus pesticides and pyrethroid pesticide mixture. With the contact toxicity, stomach poison and
Fumigation effects. Act on insect nervous system.
1 products used in the apple tree. The safe interval period of 30 days, the most use of eachcrop cycle
The number for 2 times.
2 this product is made of pyrethroid and organophosphorus pesticide mixing and compounding, recommendations and other mechanisms
With rotation of pesticide use.
3 the product of bees, fish and other aquatic organisms, silkworm toxic pesticide should be avoided during the surrounding bees
Disable the group effect, honey crop florescence, Jamsil and mulberry circle, away from theaquaculture area
Medicine, no cleaning applicators in pond water.
4 this product can not be with alkaline pesticides and other substances mixed.
5 the use of this product should wear protective clothing and gloves, to avoid inhaling theliquid. The spraying period cannot eat.
The West and water spraying, should wash their hands and face, avoid contact with pregnant and lactating women.